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Ep. 40: Consensual Spaghetti

  • oh hey check it out it’s the !FALcast again
  • Matt’s Pinball Journey
  • Skye wants a good, clean, brisk episode (and does not get it)
  • Matt would have us all Stop Believin’
  • Dwerve: tower defense in motion, with spider flowers
  • The suspicious motives of the chef in Lady and the Tramp
  • Tribes of Midgard = Don’t Starve Diablo (with microtransactions)
  • The tutorial that refuses to teach
  • Fortnite to Fall Guys: when every game expects you to play forever
  • We played No Man’s Sky (aka The Space Game) alone, together
  • Everyone look at this fun picture my kid drew
  • Finding the game you want to play in the game you’re playing
  • Wait, Graveyard Keeper Dude is *married*?
  • Enjoyment vs. engagement
  • Fishing (Ridiculous and otherwise)
  • Seriously though, why won’t they let me talk about Ys 9, it’s *so good*

Ep. 14: That’s How You Move a Sex Unicorn

  • The monster hunting science of The Witcher
  • E3 demos are a sham
  • Ubisoft’s mission to make open world game design as boring as possible
  • Interesting voyeuristic vignettes in Watch Dogs
  • The historical timeline approach to sequels
  • Padded game lengths and pacing
  • Suikoden is completely delightful
  • Is mobile gaming really just different?