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Ep. 37: The Normal Emotions

  • “Woman Stuff” is not the title of this episode
  • We love Overcooked!
  • We hate Operation Raccoon City!
  • (Also Games for Windows Live is haunted or something)
  • Experiencing the joy of failure and yelling at wheelchair-bound raccoons
  • Dumb pretentious nonsense about “speaking the language of video games,” and it’s not even Skye saying it!
  • Steam remote play worked! …at the TIME
  • …no seriously though I really really love Sayonara Wild Hearts
  • Gris’ beautiful representation of grief, and us forgetting how many stages of grief exist
  • (Also you trundle around as a stone block with a little head on top)
  • Let’s throw a Swery game in here for good measure because why not
  • The open beta of West of Dead that no longer exists is cool
  • (West of Dead is cool)