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Ep. 41: Weird Rashes

  • What’s the grossest food word?
  • Adam’s very real, very intense problem with yogurt
  • Back 4 Blood: it’s current, it’s gurgly, and we like it!
  • (but we gripe about it anyway)
  • (and first we talk about Evolve for a while, because of course)
  • Weird magical cards, and the guy who helps you with them
  • B4B’s lonely, arbitrary hub area
  • And just when you think it’s over, BAM: 30 minutes on Metroid
  • Samus Returns crams too much Metroid into Metroid
  • But how about that cutting-edge 3DS tech?
  • The one (and only one) not-so-great thing about Hollow Knight
  • Skye, of all people, refuses to let the podcast die

Ep. 18: Did You Waste Your Time?

  • The Terraria episode
  • Mediumcore server after action report
  • When does the game end?
  • Crafting games: Not for everyone
  • What’s my motivation?
  • Character growth versus equipment growth
  • Adam needs to be told what to do
  • The mundane
  • Where does narrative come from?