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Ep. 42: Words from Batman

(Note: This episode contains a detailed discussion of Adios, and at points veers into spoiler territory. The Adios talk begins at the 20-minute mark and lasts until 1:17:00, with some direct references to the ending at about 1:15:00.)

  • The need for feed in Jurassic World: Evolution
  • A deep-dive into Adios: is there enough game in this game?
  • Skye wants to do chores harder
  • Skye also wants to milk a goat
  • Adam talks himself into liking Adios even more than he already did
  • Tearin’ stuff up with Turnip Boy, who is a dick
  • Sometimes the curtains are blue
  • Trading minigames and their acceptability
  • Scarlet Nexus, cosmetics, and anime (*so much anime*)
  • Trails ‘n Tales
  • The !FALcast game of 2021 (which was timely when we recorded this)
  • (Look time just got away from me, OK)
  • (I’ve been playing a lot of Trails of Cold Steel)
  • (It’s really good btw)

Ep. 34: A Weeping Fridge

  • RetroAchievements.org offers a great excuse to play old games
  • The 7th Saga is hard to recommend but easy to love (honestly it’s pretty rough going)
  • Jurassic World Evolution and the art of the Ungame
  • Guarding the gate at Silent Hill/pushing the Mushroom Kingdom back down a Brooklyn drain
  • Control: Brilliant with just a hint of jank
  • But the Threshold Kids are straight-up awesome
  • Returning to Black Mesa with…Black Mesa look shut up ok I’m doing my best over here it’s been a long day and I’ve got a lot going on
  • Xen is new and improved and also thoroughly overstays its welcome
  • On the origins of Half-Life Alyx and the future (?) of the series
  • The economics of periphery