Ep. 39: A Lot of Bird Stuff (is Going On)

  • Amorous olds
  • I rehash the plot of FF4 for some reason
  • “To be a true paladin, you must not fight now!” *fights*
  • This episode’s hot take: After Years was bad
  • The merits/demerits of random encounters
  • Cosmic Star Heroine and its beautiful pacing
  • Eagle Island: it’s bird-themed!
  • The tragic servitude of Pokemon (with a brief detour into monkey personhood)
  • Matt really likes Mega Man 11
  • Air Man, Crash Man, Metal Man, Bubble Man, Wood Man, Heat Man, Flash Man, Quick Man
  • Skye continues to not like roguelikes/play video games
  • Hardspace: Shipbreaker and watching people perform manual labor
  • Darren P. vs. Darren C.
  • The mundane joys of House Flipper
  • Surprisingly, ASMR doesn’t work on Skye
  • ok then there’s a weird little ASMR cul-de-sac for a while
  • Left 4 Dead is basically Destiny (?)
  • Matt assuages my palpable fear that he wouldn’t like The Outer Wilds
  • You guys I *love* The Outer Wilds (AND SO DOES MY KID!)
  • Skye worries it might actually be *too* good

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