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Ep. 40: Consensual Spaghetti

  • oh hey check it out it’s the !FALcast again
  • Matt’s Pinball Journey
  • Skye wants a good, clean, brisk episode (and does not get it)
  • Matt would have us all Stop Believin’
  • Dwerve: tower defense in motion, with spider flowers
  • The suspicious motives of the chef in Lady and the Tramp
  • Tribes of Midgard = Don’t Starve Diablo (with microtransactions)
  • The tutorial that refuses to teach
  • Fortnite to Fall Guys: when every game expects you to play forever
  • We played No Man’s Sky (aka The Space Game) alone, together
  • Everyone look at this fun picture my kid drew
  • Finding the game you want to play in the game you’re playing
  • Wait, Graveyard Keeper Dude is *married*?
  • Enjoyment vs. engagement
  • Fishing (Ridiculous and otherwise)
  • Seriously though, why won’t they let me talk about Ys 9, it’s *so good*

Ep. 39: A Lot of Bird Stuff (is Going On)

  • Amorous olds
  • I rehash the plot of FF4 for some reason
  • “To be a true paladin, you must not fight now!” *fights*
  • This episode’s hot take: After Years was bad
  • The merits/demerits of random encounters
  • Cosmic Star Heroine and its beautiful pacing
  • Eagle Island: it’s bird-themed!
  • The tragic servitude of Pokemon (with a brief detour into monkey personhood)
  • Matt really likes Mega Man 11
  • Air Man, Crash Man, Metal Man, Bubble Man, Wood Man, Heat Man, Flash Man, Quick Man
  • Skye continues to not like roguelikes/play video games
  • Hardspace: Shipbreaker and watching people perform manual labor
  • Darren P. vs. Darren C.
  • The mundane joys of House Flipper
  • Surprisingly, ASMR doesn’t work on Skye
  • ok then there’s a weird little ASMR cul-de-sac for a while
  • Left 4 Dead is basically Destiny (?)
  • Matt assuages my palpable fear that he wouldn’t like The Outer Wilds
  • You guys I *love* The Outer Wilds (AND SO DOES MY KID!)
  • Skye worries it might actually be *too* good

Ep. 38: Walking on Time

  • Crunch and the ends (not really) justifying the means
  • Van Goff
  • The delightful million-thing cleanquest of Horace
  • Matt the Save Piggybacker ruined rental games, possibly childhoods
  • Can you walk on time? (Also no)
  • Boy this time-walking thing sure overstays its welcome
  • Skye threatens to quit the podcast because of the time-walking thing because literally of course he does
  • Reference as game design in Evoland
  • The perfect medley of Retro Game Challenge
  • Do you know the KACHO?
  • Check out Skye’s Last of Us 2 video and a bunch of other stuff at his YouTube channel, you see Skye this is what friends do they support each other

Ep. 37: The Normal Emotions

  • “Woman Stuff” is not the title of this episode
  • We love Overcooked!
  • We hate Operation Raccoon City!
  • (Also Games for Windows Live is haunted or something)
  • Experiencing the joy of failure and yelling at wheelchair-bound raccoons
  • Dumb pretentious nonsense about “speaking the language of video games,” and it’s not even Skye saying it!
  • Steam remote play worked! …at the TIME
  • …no seriously though I really really love Sayonara Wild Hearts
  • Gris’ beautiful representation of grief, and us forgetting how many stages of grief exist
  • (Also you trundle around as a stone block with a little head on top)
  • Let’s throw a Swery game in here for good measure because why not
  • The open beta of West of Dead that no longer exists is cool
  • (West of Dead is cool)

Ep. 36: There’s a Dave

  • OK *now* we’re gonna talk about Warsaw
  • The brevity of Warsaw (see?) vs. the cruelty of Darkest Dungeon
  • But whither base building?
  • Chimera Squad as XCOM Junior
  • What does it mean to be at full health?
  • The ramifications of sternum injuries
  • Gameplay systems: Less is more (except when less is less)
  • XCOM’s fake accuracy percentages continue to remain fake
  • No seriously though get a load of these two gaslighting bastards acting like probability isn’t a thing

Ep. 35: Look at Those Friends

  • Oops
  • Wonder what Matt thinks of Death’s Gambit?
  • Oh well, suppose we’ll never know
  • Is potato salad a salad? (Or, failing that, a video game?)
  • Skye only got into the podcast game to pad his resume
  • He also maintains to-do lists of games instead of playing them
  • The incomprehensible narrative, anime oversaturation, interminable barks and overall Easy-Soulsiness of Code Vein
  • The Surge, on the other hand, is a Soulslike that is very much not messing around
  • The frictionless experience of New Game +
  • We ALMOST talk about Warsaw, but tune in next time, we’ll try real hard not to lose the audio

Ep. 34: A Weeping Fridge

  • offers a great excuse to play old games
  • The 7th Saga is hard to recommend but easy to love (honestly it’s pretty rough going)
  • Jurassic World Evolution and the art of the Ungame
  • Guarding the gate at Silent Hill/pushing the Mushroom Kingdom back down a Brooklyn drain
  • Control: Brilliant with just a hint of jank
  • But the Threshold Kids are straight-up awesome
  • Returning to Black Mesa with…Black Mesa look shut up ok I’m doing my best over here it’s been a long day and I’ve got a lot going on
  • Xen is new and improved and also thoroughly overstays its welcome
  • On the origins of Half-Life Alyx and the future (?) of the series
  • The economics of periphery

Ep. 33: I Hate This Episode

*Note: This episode contains GREAT BIG HUGE GIANT SPOILERS for Dying Light: The Following, Lost, The Dark Tower series, and Dragon Quest: Your Story. The spoiler-y stuff starts 8 minutes in and ends at about 43 minutes.*

  • The frustrations of reaching a destination that negates the journey
  • Chasing diamonds right off a cliff in Dying Light: The Following
  • A brief rehash of an ancient Shadow of the Colossus argument that Skye continues to be very wrong about
  • Why get hype in the face of inevitability?
  • The Epic Games Store: A bad service getting better
  • (But swiping Kickstarter games remains an absolute dirtbag move)
  • (And for real though how is there still not even a shopping cart)
  • “What’s in it for me?”
  • The underrated generosity of backward compatibility
  • Xbox Game Pass: A bad service offering a good deal (for now)

Ep. 32: Mysterious Grandpa

  • Quick hits! (sort of kind of not really)
  • Dead Cells is great, but is it a Metroidvania?
  • Deck assembly vs. dice rolling in Slay the Spire and Dicey Dungeons
  • Void Bastards is great, full stop
  • Days Gone was better than people acted
  • (Deacon St. John is a worse name than people acted, and people acted like Deacon St. John is a terrible name)
  • The various slight but satisfying mechanics of Ni No Kuni 2
  • The *roundness* makes Frostpunk special
  • Puppeting a body along the ocean floor in In Other Waters
  • “Two sentences” about Yakuza turns into 15 minutes
  • You know what we could talk about, though? Puss
  • The mechanical improvements (and narrative disappointments) of Doom Eternal

Ep. 31: My Eagle is a Horse

  • “What are we gonna talk about?”
  • Is pinball a video game? (No, it very much is not)
  • Holes
  • Farming, comedy clubs and flesh reanimation: the high-stress days and unholy nights of Graveyard Keeper
  • Where does YOUR meat come from?
  • The judgment-free zone of Stardew Valley
  • Making townsfolk your friends/undead ranchhands
  • Who wields the true power in Animal Crossing?
  • Tom Nook does; that was actually kind of a dumb question
  • But is he a dirtbag? (Yes, he very much is)
  • Isabelle starts early, and who could blame her
  • A crown of melted iPhones atop a throne of skulls