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The original eagle photo that has been altered for use in the P!FAL banner at the top of this page is by stevehdc. It is used via Creative Commons license.

The !FALcast cover art comprises images that are also licensed via Creative Commons. The eagle (altered) is by Edd Deane. The flag (altered) is by Rachel Kramer.

The !FALcast proudly and gratefully features the hottest jams by coda (Megabits per Second) and zinger & bacter (Yamaha Action). Music is used under the CC BY-NC-ND license. Both tracks are available from Ubiktune.

What is the !Falcast?

The !FALcast: Wherein the gentlemen of the !FALcast — Matt, Skye, and TV’s Adam — play video games and then talk about them.

Disparate interests combine and collide in a free-form discussion of topics as diverse as sound design in survival horror, ensemble casts in role-playing games, and emergent vs. crafted narrative.

This is not a place for gaming news, although news may be discussed. This is not a place where games are reviewed, although opinions may be given. This is a place where three men you probably don’t know talk at great length about video games you probably do.


You can listen to and directly download individual episodes of the !FALcast here on the P!FAL website or subscribe via your favorite podcast service:

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